Supporting Pioneers of Environmental Change

Our Mission

To address the planetary challenges of our time

To influence pioneers of environmental change

To accelerate the adoption of best environmental practices


At Blackstone Ranch Institute we support our mission by providing financial and strategic support to collaborative gatherings that forge a new way forward for the environment and human society.

We use what we have learned about effective collaboration to help structure initiatives at their earliest stages.  We have learned that unless an initiative has sufficient financial support from multiple partners and can provide support to a coordinator or executive team it is unlikely to develop.  If the project is right, we are willing to be one of the first to provide support.  We have found that when we do so, other supporters often follow.

The institute has been designed to be results oriented. We have made a deliberate decision to remain small and lean, and therefore operate with very little bureaucracy. We have successfully used the cross-sector dialogs and gatherings that must take place at early stages of meaningful social innovation as a way to leverage our financial and strategic support to pioneering organizations in ways that yield major social profit.

Our understanding of deep societal change is that it needs to take place across all social sectors and in a number of key areas to be truly effective.  Since our inception in early 2006, we have supported more than 70 gatherings that cover a broad range of environmental concerns. Our most successful have been new networks that are laying a foundation for major advances in renewable energy, health, food systems, ecosystem protection and management, the built environment and the cultivation of more sustainable and ecologically responsible practices in government and the corporate world.

How We Operate

1. We look for proposals that are oriented toward actions that will result from collaborative gatherings and make a significant contribution to social progress. (We do not support proposals for gatherings that are simply devoted to an exchange of information or networking).

2. We sponsor efforts that already have future funding identified, and that will have high impact and broad national or international scale.

3. We respond best to precise proposals of no more than five pages that outline a plan of action and offer an explanation of how it relates to our organizational mission. If the proposal is accepted, we will provide funding promptly.

4. We will only support local geographical initiatives that by virtue of design or the quality of participating individuals will have regional, national or international impact that is relevant to current environmental challenges.

We do not accept unsolicited proposals, so please inquire first if you have something that may work for us. Learn more about the Institute's Philanthropic Approach, from Blackstone Ranch Institute at Ten Years, 2006-2016. (6-page, 324kb PDF).