January 13 - 16, 2014

2014 Rights of Nature Global Conference

Quito, Ecuador
Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature »

The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature is convening a group of community and indigenous leaders from countries around the world dedicated to establishing legal rights for nature's varied ecosystems. The alliance has been developing as a movement in a number of places -- including Ecuador, South Africa, India, Australia, Nepal and the United States -- and has begun the long process of endowing nature with defensible legal rights.  

The Alliance's intent is to leverage this forum to define a framework for galvanizing the movement on a global scale and developing some common operating procedures and goals. This is the moment when what has to date been a decentralized effort will start to cohere into a more carefully coordinated global movement.

An initial grant from Blackstone Ranch Institute for this convening has been matched by a grant from the Wallace Global Fund.

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