January 11 - 13, 2015

Energy Shift

Banff, Canada
Resolve »

Resolve, a 30-year old organization that specializes in negotiation and solutions finding to unlock intractable policy logjams, is launching Energy Shift in partnership with the Pembina Institute. Energy Shift is a new collaborative initiative that will focus on the transition to a new energy future.

This initiative is a two-year program designed to identify specific inflection or leverage points on climate and energy issues that will build useful and unlikely partnerships, design and test solutions, and address policy, market, technological and organizational challenges. The initiative will identify three to five discrete projects (depending upon available resources). Each project will be focused on actions that support a transition to a new energy future. The effort will include participants from leading energy and extractive sector companies, technology companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and environmental, social and international development non-profits.

The objective is to develop a program that supports a greater adoption of renewable energies and leads to a greater understanding of the role of fossil fuels in the transition.  Emphasis will be on the importance of clean technology in the future development of fossil fuels, and underlying economic, market and legal obstacles that may be in the way of new breakthroughs in the development of renewable energies.

Blackstone Ranch Institute provided the initial grant to launch the initiative, which was matched by a grant from Pembina Institute.


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