Winter 2018

Saving Species: Assessing the Impact of Biological Corridors for Endangered Species and Biodiversity Protection

Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Sumatra
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Saving Species, a global leader in the effort to provide sanctuaries for endangered species and preserve biodiversity, is upgrading its surveillance technology to be able to monitor the movements of various endangered species more effectively and in real time. 
The organization has spent years buying pieces of land in some of the world’s leading biodiversity hotspots and connecting them to provide territories large enough for selected species to recover. With current technologies – leading edge camera traps and drones – they can now monitor the presence and movement of species in greater detail and in real time. A major objective is to further solidify the case that biological corridors are a necessary and effective way to provide rich habitats for endangered species and preserve key pockets of biodiversity.
They will employ the new technology in Columbia, Ecuador, two sites in Brazil and Sumatra.
Blackstone Ranch Institute provided a challenge grant for the purchase of technology and dispatch of monitoring teams, which Saving Species met with other financing sources.
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