LEAN Energy

Mill Valley, CA
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LEAN Energy US is a national organization dedicated to the accelerated expansion of community choice aggregation (CCA) across the United States.  CCA is an energy procurement program that allows local governments to combine, or aggregate, the electric load of its residents and businesses in order to purchase energy on their behalf.  CCA is fueled by a belief in consumer choice, an open energy market, lower energy bills, and rapid expansion of local clean energy supply.

LEAN Energy was launched in the spring of 2011 with the help of the Galvin Electricity Initiative for the purpose of providing a not-for-profit hub organization for CCA practicioners, companies, policymakers and advocates interested in expanding the CCA model into new communities and states.

This is the first network of its kind in the United States.  LEAN Energy was inspired by the pioneering work of Charles McGlashan and the Marin Energy Authority, the first municipal utility in California that is based upon the enabling legislation of CCA.